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Charles Eduard Briscoe

The verticle numbers represent the generations after James W. Briscoe.

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bulletJames W. Briscoe
Elizabeth Emaline Briscoe Props (with picture)
Thomas Harper Props
Martha Fatima Props Dossey
Mary E. Props
Thomas Briscoe
Thomas Briscoe
Henry Briscoe
Frank Briscoe
Jess H. Briscoe
Emma Briscoe
Daisy Briscoe
Lula Briscoe
Sarah J. Props Musgraves
John Houston Props
Frances Adline Props Coughran
Eliza R. Props Tackett
Daniel Props (with picture)
Roseltha Props Sharry
Mason G. Props
Emitt Erick Props (with picture)
Isla Mae Props Shoemaker
Emitt Hughes Shoemaker
Marla Shoemaker
Robin Shoemaker
Leon Walter Shoemaker
Diane Shoemaker
Michele Shoemaker
Nora Mae Shoemaker Eastwood
Janet Eastwood
Nicole Eastwood
Kevin Eastwood
Johnny N. Eastwood
Kathleen Eastwood
Megan Eastwood
O.L. Shoemaker
William Props
Eugene Props
Jackie Props
Elton Props
Elvin Lee Props
Johnny Props
Burtchell Props
Royce Burchell Props
Randy Royce Props
Rodney Wayne Props
Rocky Layne Props
Richey Dwayne Props
Rhonda Lynn Props
Robby Rayne Props
George Jackson Props
Georjean Props
Rosa Pearl Props Butler
Rose Annette Butler
Dianna Lynn Buttler
Danny Lawrence Butler
Bertha M. Props
Lester Props
Clyde Owen Props
Nola Joyce Props
Donald Ray Props
Gary Paul Props
Leona Ann Props
Patsy Props
Lester Dale Props
Vance Edward Props
Helen May Props Luttrell
David Luttrell
Helen Jo Luttrell
R. L. Props
linda Props
Marcia Props
John Props
Lisa Props
Eric Props
John Thomas Props
Margaret Props Westerman
Perminda Props Westerman
William Greenberry Briscoe
Mary C. Briscoe Caroll
James F. Caroll
Clarissa Caroll
James Briscoe
James Henry Briscoe (with picture)
Myrtle Briscoe (with picture)
Virgil Lee Briscoe (with picture)
Cora Dell Briscoe Preston (with picture)
Nannie Faye Briscoe Harris (with picture)
Marry Jane Harris Schinzinger
Stefan Schinzinger
Barbara Schinzinger
Annelise Schinzinger
Dorothy Anne Harris Parker (with picture)
Sharon Deanne Parker (with picture)
Lovie Eloise Briscoe Graves (with picture)
Elbert Lafayette Briscoe
Fred Oran Briscoe
Juanita Pauline Briscoe
Martha Briscoe
Charles A. Briscoe (with picture)
Caroline Briscoe Hedricks
Betty Adeline Briscoe Jacobs (with picture)
Lloyd Jacobs (with picture)
R.B. Jacobs
Louise Jacobs
Mary Ruth Jacobs
Patricha Ann Jacobs
Flossie Jacobs
William Don Jacobs (with picture)
Shirley Marie Jacobs
Malcolm Don Jacobs (with picture)
Malcolm Don Jacobs Jr. (with picture)
Nicole Elizabeth Jacobs
Shelby Anna Jacobs
Deberah Kay Jacobs
Sherry Jan-an-ette Jacobs
Kerralee Renee Jacobs
Jimmy Franklin Scott Jacobs
Mable Jenette Jacobs
Gordon Lee Jacobs
Angel Lynn Jacobs
Justin Jacobs Buckner Jacobs
Rickie Dewayne Jacobs
Janet Sue Jacobs Mitchell (with picture)
Royce Don Mitchell
Misty Michelle Mitchell Cowley
Mitchell Hunter Cowley
Chase Aaron Cowley
Doney Jewel Jacobs Green
Icky Green
Earl Green
Helen Green
Lester Green
Guy Jacobs (with picture)
Cecil Jacobs (with picture)
Eunice Jacobs Lock
Aubery Lock
Betty Frances Lock
Dorthy Lock
Ruth Lock
Jossie Lock
Albert Lock
Oschr Jacobs
Theo Jacobs
Clara Mae Jacobs Neighbors
Billy Ray Neighbors
Betty Mae Neighbors
Rubin Lee Neighbors
Bill Briscoe
Earnest Briscoe
Merle Briscoe
Billy Joe Briscoe
Gladdis Briscoe
Wessie Briscoe
Charles Edward Briscoe (with picture)
Jasper Newton Briscoe (with picture)
Naomi Briscoe
Beth Sprinkle
Glenda Hicks
La Verne Briscoe Desantiago (with picture)
Randall Ricardo Desantiago
Robert Leon Briscoe
Belinda Gail Briscoe
Robert Bodie Briscoe
Cheyenne Robert Briscoe
Roxie Sue Briscoe Pemberton (with picture)
Sidney Glenn Pemberton (with picture)
Patricia Ann Pemberton Dawson
Ronald Glenn Pemberton
Nancy Elizabeth Pemberton Black
Elnora Lynette Pemberton Boultinghouse (with picture)
Faye Lynette Boultinghouse Joiner (with picture)
Christopher Alan Joiner (with picture)
Sylvia Sue Boultinghouse Martin (with picture)
Wesley Stephen Martin
Brandon Martin (with picture)
Tracy Dewayne Martin
Ashley Martin
Adrew Martin
Lauren Emily Martin
Tonya Renee' Martin
Cameron St. Germain Martin
Leslie William Boultinghouse (with picture)
Tammy Marie Boultinghouse Gallardo (with picture)
Timothy Moore
Katlin Moore
Amy Dawn Boultinghouse
Alvin Lynn Boultinghouse (with picture)
Stoney Lynn Boultinghouse Kelly (with picture)
Caleb James Boultinghouse (with picture)
Brayden Lynn Boultinghouse (with picture)
Kevin William Boultinghouse (with picture)
Roxane Marie Boultinghouse (with picture)
Shannon Dean Johnson
Ariel Kaylee Johnson
Angela Michelle Johnson (with picture)
Desiree Louisa Hernandez (with picture)
Austin James Callahan (with picture)
Justin Travis Johnson
Cullen Johnson
Cohen Johnson
Cody Cheyenne Culwell (with picture)
Lindsey Cheyenne Culwell
Sandra Gail Boultinghouse Wesch (with picture)
Kimberly Nichole Wesch (with picture)
Khristine Diane Wesch (with picture)
Mary Beth Pemberton Schultze (with picture)
Deborah Lynn Schultze
Carolyn Diane Schultze
Garrett Morrison Schultze
Raymond Schultze
Donald Clinton Schultze
Richard Robin Schultze
Shiela Jeane Schultze
James Eric Schultze
Earl Eugene Briscoe (with picture)
Betty Jean Briscoe Johanson
Bobby Ray
Tommy Ray
John Ray
Larry Johanson
Earl Johansen
Jo Nell Briscoe Leal
David Leal
Julia Leal
Frank Leal
Billy Leal
Vada Earlene Briscoe Hughes
Lyn Hughes
Roe Hughes
Stephanie Hughes
Charles William Briscoe (with picture)
Gary Edward Briscoe (with picture)
Brandi Jo Briscoe Cummins (with picture)
Amber Goins (with picture)
Brooke Ann Briscoe Cabianca (with picture)
Parker Briscoe Cabianca
Hailey Christine Cabianca
Mildred Louise Becker (with picture)
Jay Kennedy
Kim Marshall
JB Briscoe (with picture)
Jimmie Berle Briscoe(with picture)
Michael Eduard (with picture)
Mark Briscoe (with picture)
Dennis Linhart (with picture)
Steven Briscoe (with picture)
Charles Ray Briscoe (with picture)
Daniel Briscoe (with picture)
David Briscoe
Jannis Briscoe (with picture)
Sherryl Luise Briscoe Hauck (with picture)
Patrick Hauck (with picture)
Evelyn Hauck (with picture)
Calvin Hauck (with picture)
Billy Eugene Briscoe (with picture)
Jerry Allen Briscoe (with picture)
Jeremiah Allen Briscoe
Levis Hart Briscoe
Mykah Nicole Briscoe
Loretta Shelaine Briscoe Carmona
Dorothy Jean Briscoe DuVall
John Adam Briscoe (with picture)
Jarred Joseph Briscoe
Jonathan Walter Briscoe
Jayna Marie Briscoe
Paul Wesley Briscoe (with picture)
Kay Lee Briscoe Havat (with picture)
Kathrine Lee Ann Havat (with picture)
Paula Ann Briscoe Gunter (with picture)
Trenton Eugene Gunter
Clayton Wesley Gunter
Larry Ray Briscoe (with picture)
Vernis Ann Briscoe
Phillip Briscoe (with picture)
Neva Nell Briscoe McAdoo (with picture)
Wanda Nell McAdoo (with picture)
Sharon Marie
Sherman Monroe
Grace Ilene McAdoo (with picture)
Huey Paul
Joseph Wade
Linda Sue McAdoo
Sherry Lynn
Neva Ruth
Wiley William McAdoo
Lisa Denise McAdoo
Krystal Annette Minter (Mooney)
Scarlett Elizabeth McAdoo
Matthew Wiley McAdoo
Troy Dan Briscoe
James Edwin Briscoe
James Jr. Briscoe
Danny Joe Briscoe
Lannie Briscoe
Karlie Fay Briscoe
Kelsie Amanda Briscoe
Lisa Briscoe McGregor
Danny Glenn Briscoe
Kieth Andrew Briscoe
Arther Briscoe
Amy Briscoe
Mozelle Briscoe Hitchcock (with picture)
Robert Wall Hitchcock (with picture)
Caroll Dean Hitchcock (with picture)
Pearl Briscoe Hicks
Sally Briscoe Verner
Charles Briscoe Verner
Richard Gregg Verner
Nancy Verner
Robert Verner
Rodger Dale Verner
Dennis Randall Verner
Kathryn Lynn Verner
Thomas Franklin Verner
Roxy Briscoe Neel
Adaline Briscoe Dove
Amanda Caroline Briscoe
Sarah Angeline Choate
Benjamin Franklin Briscoe
William Floyd Briscoe
Maggie Lee Briscoe Vogle
Luther Clarence Briscoe
Fanny Elizabeth Briscoe Ware
Oscar Briscoe
Rebecca Josephine Briscoe Setliff
William Bee Briscoe
William Briscoe
Oliver Briscoe
Clara Briscoe
George Briscoe
John Briscoe
Edmund Willis Briscoe
Jane Briscoe Cay
Joseph Alonzo Briscoe
J.L. Briscoe
Beverly Briscoe
Henry Clark Briscoe (with picture)
Velma Irdene Briscoe Anderson
Zelphia Veatrice Briscoe Donley
Bernice Bell Briscoe Polson
Ervin Polk Briscoe
Sarah M. Briscoe Standlee
David William Standlee
Daniel Walker Standlee
Odessa M. Standlee
James Stewart Standlee
De Mirt Standlee
Annie Etta Standlee Crawford
Earl Everett Standlee
Nina Clive Standlee Martin
Joel Webster Standlee
Frank Standlee
Laura Agnes Standlee Arrowsmith
Lloyd Elwood Arrowsmith
Grace Merle Arrowsmith
Donald Eugen Arrowsmith
Charles Standlee Arrowsmith
Margaret Evelyn Arrowsmith Bracket
Glen Howard Arrowsmith
Norman Murray Arrowsmith
Norman Muray Arrowsmith Jr.
Curtis Haley Arrowsmith
Joel Houghton Arrowsmith
Wilbur Nelson Arrowsmith
August Benjamin Wolfe-Rocca
Martha May Standlee Decker
Lilian Standlee Decker
Mary Edna Standlee Rees
Grace Pearl Standlee Richardson
Leland Roberto Standlee
Elma Lucille Standlee Dunham
Emily Standlee Tweedy
Eugene E. Tweedy
Lewis L. Tweedy
Angie E. Tweedy Jones
Harold Burtis Tweedy
Lorenzo Dow Tweedy Jr.
Vieva Vesta Tweedy Hess
Alma Lorene Tweedy Mosely
Oliver Standlee
Effie Lunetta Standlee Cary
Olive Pearl Standlee Fryer
Flora Joyce Standlee Corbeil
Edward Johnston Standlee
Claude Edward Standlee
Emily Mabel Standlee Greening
Elbert Clair Standlee
Elmer Fair Standlee
Lela Mae Standlee Dick
Glady Susan Standlee Metz
Marguerite Gentry Standlee McKellar
Edward Johnston Standlee Jr.
David William Standlee
Phillis Pauline Standlee Lawhorn
Paul Hudson Standlee
William Richard Standlee
Phereby Jane Briscoe Westbrook
Sarah E. Westbrook
James A. Westbrook
Frances A. Westbrook
Thomas Honoway Westbrook
Tom Westbrook
Joseph E. Westbrook
Mary L. Westbrook
Louisa J. Westbrook
Robert W. Westbrook
William H. Westbrook
George V. Westbrook
Hector J. Westbrook
Susan E. Westbrook
Mary D. Westbrook
Joel B. Westbrook
Josephine J. Westbrook
Oly Westbrook
Thomas F. Briscoe
William Greenbery Briscoe
Nancy E.Briscoe Props
Henderson Levi Props
Nancy Cordelia Props
Mary O. Briscoe Copeland
Martha Briscoe
Rachel Lucinda Briscoe Jackson
Levicy Jane Jackson Martin
Edna May Martin
Mary Annett Martin
Thomas Powderly Martin
Lillie May Martin
Emily Pearl Martin Wheeless
Effie Martin Wheeless
Ethel Martin Wood
Mary Annette Jackson Brown
Annie Octavia Brown Weiss
Willard Clifford Brown
J. Pearl Brown
John Hillard Brown
Mary Annett Brown Paul
Ethel Mae Brown Lindes
Lelia Brown
Elizabeth Arlette Jackson Drake
Arthur Drake
Eva Lena Drake
Ulys Drake
Mary Lou Drake
Walter Drake
Byard B. Drake
Martha Dora Jackson Wallace
Florence O. Wallace
Mamie S. Wallace
Frank Wallace
John Wallace
John Sidny Jackson
Lawrence Jackson
Albert Melbern Jackson
Dora Jackson
Estella Jackson
Hillyard Jackson
Minnie Jackson Caldwell
Edna Caldwell Kennedy
Omer Jackson
Effie Romina Jackson Nelson
Ira Everett Nelson
Esther Valentine Nelson Walker
John Robert Nelson
Edith Marie Nelson Johnson
Grace Lucinda Nelson Johnson
James Arthur Nelson
Henry Ed Nelson
Eugene Elizabeth Nelson Ervin
Perry Jackson
Andrew Sloan Jackson
Emily Briscoe
Perminda Adeline Briscoe Story
Ida Gertrude Story
Frances Ozella Story
Theodosia Story Williamson
Isora Story Little
Edwin Gray Story
Oscar Story
Lalalia Bell Story Appleton
Texanna Story Degroot
Dora Editeen Story
Rebecca (Beckey) Briscoe
James M. Briscoe
James Henry Briscoe
G. Paul Briscoe
George W. Briscoe
Hannon W. Briscoe
Josef Wallis Briscoe
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