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about this web

This web is intended to gather all information on the Briscoe family.

Everyone knowing details of some kind is invited to help completing it.
Just send details, pictures or any kind of other information that could be of interest to me or to Gary. Digital messages and pictures are preferred, but if you send paper instead we will try to digitalize it and use it on this web. And be sure to tell anyone that could have some useful information about it. Of course you can also tell anybody else.

Michael Briscoe
Wachbacher Str. 35
97980 Bad Mergentheim


This Web is hosted in Germany, so it might take just a little longer to build up. It is made with Microsoft's FrontPage and probably works best using Microsoft's internet explorer.
I have to apologize for my English, but I don't really use it to often over here. It would probably look worse if the system wouldn't help out with my spelling. So if you find any mistakes, please let me know. If there are problems of any other kind also let me know.

What we intend to do is to build this web about the way the family tree looks like. Every branch will start on a own page and branch into its children. I think you will figure it out while you browse it. I will add a question mark ( ? ) to the links that are empty pages, so you don't have to look at empty pages if you don't want to.