This Web is dedicated to the Briscoe Family. A family reunion brought up the Idea. Publishing the family tree might help complete it.
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James W. Briscoe

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James Warren Briscoe
born: 1804 in Verginia
died: December 1,1862 in Sevier Co., Arkansas.

James W. Briscoe served as Justice of the Peace In Morgan Co.,Alabama in 1836 and also in Sevier Co.,Ark.,in 1847.
He had 14 children.

He married:  Marry Polly Dossey  1820 in Alabama
born: 1807 in Tennessee
died: 1851/52 in , Sevier Co., Arkansas. 
Daughter of William Greenbury Dossey and Unknown. She was born in Tenn. and died in Sevier Co.,Ark.
He married  April 15.1854. in Sevier Co., Arkansas,
Margarett Knauls (Nobles) (Naules) the widow of Taplay Knauls (Knolls)
They had two sons. Hannon W. and Joseph  Wallis
She was born Abt. 1816 in Tenn., and died July 4,1876 in Sevier Co.,Ark.
James and Margaret are listed on the 1860 census for Sevier County, AR
Their ages are listed as  James W:56   Margaret:45   Hannon W:5  Joseph W:3
George  W and James M are also listed on the census living at home, as well as, three Knolles  (sp?) children.
(Authorís note: Since a relationship between James W. and Thomas Briscoe has yet to be proved and documented, that information held by the author on Thomas Briscoe and his descendants is offered here in narrative form.) 
James W. Briscoe's father was, possibly, Thomas Briscoe, mother was possibly Sarah Hill, who were in Morgan Co., Alabama 1840 and 1850 censuses at which time James was not in Thomas's household, having married Mary (Polly) Dossey about 1820. The census data indicates that Thomas, born abt 1789 in Virginia, and Sarah, born abt 1793 in Anderson, So. Carolina, had in their home 2 male children born between 1810-1820, one male born 1820-1825, one male born 1825-1830, one male born 1830-1835, one female born 1830-1835, and one male born 1835-1840. Of these, Thomas H. L. Briscoe, born abt 1829 in Alabama, married Amanda Coulter 18 Aug 1860 (she was dau. of William and Catherine Coulter of Pulaski, Giles Co., Tenn.) and had a son Albert Walker Briscoe born 1874 in Morgan Co., Ala. Another of the above males was Joseph L. Briscoe born about 1831 in Alabama. Another was Nancy A. E. Briscoe born abt 1834-6, and another was Martin V. B. Briscoe born abt 1838 in Alabama. There was a William Briscoe, born 1810-1820 who was in the Morgan Co. Ala. 1840 census with a wife and two children under 5 years of ages who was probably one of Thomas' children.
James W. Briscoe was Justice of the Peace in Morgan Co., Alabama in 1836 and also in Sevier Co., Arkansas in 1847.
According to "Rise and Progress of Baptists in Alabama" publ. by Hosea Holcombe, the Salem Church in Morgan County (Alabama) was constituted in May 1822, and a little later enjoyed the labor of T. Briscoe. Also at Shiloh, Morgan Co., a church was constituted in May 1819 and T. Briscoe and F. Thompson were the principal ministers there.
According to Owen's "History of Alabama", Vol. III, p 210, Albert Walker Briscoe, born 1874 Morgan Co., Ala., was the son of Huell Lawson and Amanda (Coulter) Briscoe. Albert Walker Briscoe was from Marshall Co., Ala., and grandson of Thomas and Sarah (Hill) Briscoe, who lived at Anderson, S.C., prior to 1817, and of William and Catherine Coulter who lived near Pulaski, Giles Co., Tenn. 
From a copy of a letter from Roger Rees to his mother Edna (Standlee) Rees dated 19 Jun 1952 primarily relating data obtained during a visit with "Old Squire" Graves, grandson of Lewis Graves and Margaret Standlee, the following information about James W. Briscoe and his family was obtained: Roger was taken to the old Briscoe place to see the old home, reported by one Johnny Bean to have been built in 1857 and a very well constructed example of a pioneer home. Roger drank from the well. They went to the Fellowship Church cemetery where Roger found the headstones for Margaret Briscoe (James' second wife) inscribed "In memory of Margaret Briscoe, died July 4, 1876, age 60 years" as well as for H. J. Westbrook and his wife Phereby J. (Briscoe) the latter inscribed "Phereby J., wife of H. J. Westbrook, born June 17, 1830, died April 4, 1900"
Shirley Hicks, great granddaughter of William Greenberry Briscoe, refers to the "Diamond Jubilee History of Tillman County (OK)" published in 1976 states, quoting; "James W. Briscoe lived on an adjoining farm of Thomas Briscoe, pioneer Baptist minister of Shiloh Baptist Church, Salem Ridge, Alabama, in 1819. It is presumed that they were brothers and had come from Virginia to Anderson, So. Carolina, and then to Alabama and Arkansas. James W. Briscoe was a Justice of the Peace in Alabama and Sevier Co., Arkansas where he moved in 1837. His son, William Greenberry Briscoe married Sarah Roll there Janauary 11, 1844. ..........After the death of his father on December 1, 1861, William G. and his family moved to Groesbeck, Limestone Co., Texas, and later to Robertson County, Texas, where Briscoe built the first gin in the county. His wife Sallie died in 1880. He came to Tillman, Oklahoma in 1904 etc"